Custom Size Rectangular Nameplates

Most orders ship within a few days.

Custom Size Rectangular Nameplates


For special projects that require a non-standard sized nameplate--we can help!  We can custom cut just about any size nameplate up to 3" x 8".   MOST CUSTOM CUT ORDERS SHIP IN APPROXIMATELY 3 TO 4 DAYS.

Please Note:  This form will allow for up to four lines of content.  Email us for a quote if you require more than four lines.  The size limits for our Custom Cut Nameplates are:

Maximum Height of 3"  (Minimum Height .5")

Maximum Width of 8" (Minimum Width 1")

For other custom cut sizes, please e-mail for a custom quote.

Our Custom Cut Plates can be ordered with Self-Adhesive Backing or Screw Holes, Round, Notched or Square Corners.  (Minimum size for round or notched corners is 3/4" x 2"). Orders below that size will be produced at best effort and/or we will call you.

ALL CUTTING AND HOLE PLACEMENT TOLERANCES APPROX. +/- 1/32"      Round corners are 3/16" round.  Standard Hole size is 1/8".

A note about adhesive. Although we use a very aggressive adhesive, it is not suitable for all surfaces or all size plates.  Depending on the use, some plates could be too heavy for adhesive.  We do not recommend adhesive for walls, doors, some furniture, pianos, etc. Adhesive will not stick well to dusty or to some waxed or polished surfaces. Whenever possible, wipe the area first with a damp cloth. Alcohol is ideal. First be sure that the alcohol will not harm the surface. When affixing the nameplate--center, make level and press firmly all over for several seconds, use a soft cloth to gently rub down. Let us know if it is a particularly tough surface and we will consider options. A screw-on plate may be necessary.


Notched Corners with 2 holes
Round Corners
Notched Corners w/ 2  or 4 holes
Round or Square Corners
Square Corners w/ 2 or 4 holes
w/ 2 or 4 holes

Your choice of:   .020" Satin Brass (darkened letters), .020" Glossy Brass (darkened letters), .020" Glossy Black Brass (with gold lettering) or .020" Silver Satin Nickel (darkened letters) for Indoor Applications.

We cannot darken the engraving on our Aluminum Plates.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our Satin Brass is "brushed brass" with a slight horizontal grain.  Because it is a brushed finish, the brushing may vary.  Variations in the brushing are inherent.

Custom finishes and thickness can also be special ordered.  Minimum quantities may apply.

Any Size: from 1/2" x 1"   to   3" x 8" max. (increments of 1/8")

Prices include up to 3 lines of engraving. 

Our Custom Size Name Plates allow for an optimum numer of letters per line. Please see below list for approximate number of letters per line based on the width of the a plate.

1"     10-15 letters

2"     15-20 letters

3"     20-30 letters

4"     30-35 letters

5"     35-40 letters

6"     40-45 letters

7"     45-50 letters

8"     50-60 letters

If the number of letters exceed the suggested amounts above, please go to an additional line or please contact us for a special quote.  In some cases, we will not be able to accept an order with too many letters per line.

Please note: Our custom plates are primarily used for indoor applications.

Do not use metal polish.  If necessary, use a soft, moist cloth for cleaning.  Non-abrasive waxes like car wax can also be used.

For Outdoor Applications:  Our .025" thick Matte Anodized Silver, Matte Anodized Gold Aluminum and .020" Glossy Black Aluminum are suitable for outdoor applications.  The letters cannot be darkened.  The engraving for the Silver, Gold, and the Black Aluminum is silver.  The Black Aluminum has the most contrast when engraved.  Holes and screws are recommended for outdoor applications.

Please specify material when ordering. 


Round corners are 3/16" round. 

Custom Cutting Options For Metal Plates Only


Type of Material: 
Satin Brass
Engraving in Base Price: 
3 lines
Custom Options
Engraving Line 1 Options
Engraving Line 2 Options
Engraving Line 3 Options
Engraving Additional Line Options
Engraving Another Additional Line Options
Backside Engraving Options

Some calculations are done on the cart page.  Continue through checkout to view the updated price.

Font Options

Font Options

Note:  Victoria, Century and Standard Script are OUTLINE fonts--will not engrave solid.  We do not recommend ALL CAPS for Standard Script or Single Line Script.

Click here for more information on font options