Frequently Asked Questions

Most orders ship within a few days.

How long will it take to produce my nameplates?
Most standard plate orders ship out within two to three days. Custom-cut plate orders usually ship out in three to four days.  We will contact you if it will take longer than a week to produce your order.

When/where can I use self-adhesive nameplates?
A note about adhesive.  Although we use a very aggressive adhesive, it is not suitable for all surfaces.  We do not recommend adhesive for walls, doors, some furniture, pianos, etc.  Adhesive will not stick well to dusty or to some waxed or polished surfaces.  Whenever possible, wipe the area first with a damp cloth  Alcohol is ideal.  First be sure that the alcohol will not harm the surface.  When affixing the nameplate--center, make level and press firmly all over for several seconds, use a soft cloth.  Let us know if it is a particularly tough surface as we will consider options.  A screw-on plate may be necessary.

Can I get custom size nameplates?
Yes. We can produce nameplates from 1/2" x 1" to 3" x 8" in increments of 1/8".

What are my choices for custom nameplate materials?
For indoor use we have .020" Satin Brass, Glossy Brass, Glossy Black Brass, and .025 Satin Nickel plates.  We also offer .025" anodized silver or gold tone aluminum, as well as brushed silver and brushed brass plastic.  The brushed silver and brushed brass plastics are rated for long-term outdoor exposure.  We can also order custom finishes and thicknesses upon request.

Can you supply custom nameplates for outdoor use?
The only nameplate material that is rated for long-term outdoor exposure is stainless steel.  We carry at least one stainless steel plate.  We can also custom cut plastic nameplates that are also suitable for long-term outdoor exposure. (See our custom-cut nameplate page for pricing options.)

Can I use a metal polish on my brass plates or tags?
NO.  All our items are lacquered to resist tarnishing.  Polishing could actually take off the protective lacquer and allow tarnishing. If necessary just wipe with a soft, moist cloth.

What are my choices for affixing custom nameplates?
You can get your choice of screw holes and screws (some with nails) or heavy-duty adhesive.

What are my choices for the corners of my custom nameplates?
You can order square corners, notched corners or round corners. (Min. 3/4" x 2")

How do I figure my custom nameplate pricing?
Click on our "Custom-Cut Order Form" link.  You will see common sizes and the prices for the options so you can literally build your own nameplates.

How do I price an odd size custom nameplate?
You can estimate between the common sizes by looking at the custom-cut nameplate page or just e-mail us for a prompt quote.

Is my credit card and personal information safe when I order?
Yes.  We only offer Secure Ordering and we have a long-held, strict policy not to share customer information with anyone for any reason.

How do I know you are reliable?
Our workmanship is fully guaranteed and we have testimonials from happy customers from all over the US and some foreign countries.  Because we know how important this purchase is to you, our goal is to exceed your expectations and and to create a positive experience for you. After all, we want you to come back and refer us to your friends and family.  In addition, when you use your VISA or Mastercard we know that you can and should question any purchase, from anyone, that is defective, late or overcharged.  We will see to it that you will never need to do this when you purchase from us.

Will I get a receipt with my order?
Yes, you will receive an online receipt with each order when both your order and payment go through the shopping cart.  When you place an order through the special order, custom-sized nameplate order form, you will receive a personalized e-mail and a paper credit card receipt with your order.